• gravel pack design and simulation  
  • proppant and fill removal through coiled tubing cleanout 
  • tubing movement analysis: packer-to-tubing forces and tubing stress
  • torque and drag modeling in capillary string, coiled tubing, drill string, and wireline interventions
  • transient fluid displacement operations
  • underbalanced and managed pressure drilling
  • inflow/outflow performance and nodal analysis
  • wellbore and flowline-riser fluid flow and heat transfer
  • non-Newtonian fluid rheology and multiphase flow
  • well unloading with nitrogen and foam
  • coiled tubing fatigue life tracking
  • injection operations: formation fluid leakoff modeling
  • acidizing treatment design and simulation
TubeFlow PIC
Wellbore Intervention, Drilling, and Completions Software

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