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TubeFlow PIC
BTechSoft Engineering Software Consultants

  • slurry volume requirements for the configured job 
  • time to gravel pack 
  • slurry front tracking in a alpha-beta wave pack
  • shunt tube flow distribution
  • bottomhole and pump pressure charts during the operation
  • packing progress status

A full featured evaluation version is available for 15 days. Click here to download the demo. Please contact us at  +1 (832) 295-1521 or   sales [at] BTechSoft [dot] com for more information.

Gravel Packing 
Software for Designing Horizontal Gravel Pack Operations

GravelPack operations can be modeled in TubeFlow PIC from the stand point of designing laboratory experiments as well as full-scale field simulations. In both approaches, simulations can be performed in a steady-state and transient analysis.

Fluid and proppant selection for a gravel operation involves extensive laboratory experimentation in the form of yard-scale tests. GravelPackSim, which is an integral part of TubeFlow PIC, aids in the design of such yard-scale tests by eliminating expensive trial-and-error experimentation. A steady-state analysis can provide the following information:

An user-specified wellbore survey can be utilized to perform a field-style gravel pack design. Transient analysis provides the following information:

  • proppant bed heights during the operation 
  • proppant settling rates and fluid behavoir 
  • minimum pump flowrates to prevent premature bridging in the well/screen annulus
  • shunt tube hydraulics in alternate flow path gravel packs
  • pressure and temperature profiles