Sometimes, you may run into special needs that none of the commercially available software products may fulfill.  For such circumstances, BTechSoft offers customized software development services to meet your special needs.  These services include state-of-the-art mathematical modeling and code development in a variety of computer applications.  As examples, consider the following situations:

(i)  You have a certain set of proprietary engineering calculations that your team uses routinely in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet works, but has its limitations.  You would like custom software developed that utilizes the same set of proprietary engineering calculations with an user-friendly interface and several additional key features such as: open/save/import/ export/email projects and print reports/graphs.

(ii) You need custom software developed for a particular oilfield application. You would like to perform a literature search, apply any of the already existing, relevant mathematical models in the development of your custom software, and also develop new mathematical models if necessary.

In such situations, BTechSoft's team can work with you, design and develop custom software solutions that meet your specifications.  Please contact us to discuss your custom software requirements and obtain a time and cost estimate.


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