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BTechSoft Engineering Software Consultants
This course presents theoretical concepts on the buckling behavoir of well tubing and its impact on well design and operations. Field examples are presented to determine the length of seals, packer-to-tubing forces, and the maximum stresses as a result of tubing movement.
This short course can be taught either at client location or in the Houston area. For additional information please contact us at   +1 (832) 295-1521 or info [at] BTechSoft [dot] com
Tubing Movement Analysis
Duration: 1 day
Who Should Attend
Engineers interested in design of well completions, and tubing movement analysis.
What You Will Learn
  • tubing movement basics  
  • wellbore fluid flow and heat transfer - an introduction
  • effects of fluid flow friction, slackoff, and heat transfer on tubing movement
  • how to interpret software results in tubing movement analysis
Course Content
  • tubing movement - introduction 
  • tubing-to-packer connections, wellbore operational modes
  • basics of wellbore hydraulics and heat transfer
  • pressure and temperature profiles in production, injection, and circulation operations
  • tubing movement analysis in production, injection, and circulation operations
  • pipe length changes, packer-to-tubing forces, maximum tubing stress
  • field examples
Course Dates
This course involves the use of computers and you are encouraged to bring your laptops.
All course attendees will recieve a limited time license of our transient wellbore flow simulator Tubeflow PIC as part of course material.