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Mathematical Design and Simulation of Gravel Pack Operations
The primary objective of this course is to present a design methodology to plan a gravel pack operation. Particular emphasis is on proppant bed hieght predictions for various proppant concentration, fluid type, and flowrates from both a steady-state and transient viewpoints.
This short course can be taught either at client location or in the Houston area. For additional information please contact us at   +1 (832) 295-1521 or info [at] BTechSoft [dot] com
Duration: 1 day
Who Should Attend
Engineers interested  in the mathematical design and simulation of gravel pack operations.
What You Will Learn
Course Content
  • fluid flow and proppant bed formation mechanism in gravel pack operations 
  • rheology and behavior of carrier fluids
  • alpha and beta wave simulations in gravel pack design
  • how to interpret software results and design transient gravel pack fluid displacements in the field
  • overview of gravel pack operation 
  • fluid rheology and proppant laden slurries
  • onshore and offshore gravel packs
  • model alpha and beta waves
  • steady-state and sensitivity analysis
  • experimental design with laboratory simulator
  • transient job design
  • field examples
Course Dates
This course involves the use of computers and you are encouraged to bring your laptops.
All course attendees will recieve a limited time license of our transient wellbore flow simulator TubeFlow PIC as part of course material.