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Coiled Tubing
BTechSoft Engineering Software Consultants

Pipe Fatigue
Coiled Tubing Fatigue Life Modeling
Modeling coiled tubing fatigue during a job is useful to estimate the remaining life of the coiled tubing before eventual failure.In TubeFlow PIC, the pipe fatigue simulator tracks the used fatigue life on the length of the coiled tubing and maintains a history of accumulated fatigue for all jobs performed with any particular coiled tubing.

In general, TubeFlow PIC provides the following features in the coiled tubing fatigue model:

  • estimates number of trips to failure
  • predicts diameter growth
  • includes effects of internal pressure, reel diameter, gooseneck radius, and material properties
  • comprehensive coiled tubing configuration with section welds
  • ability to import job data
  • supports real-time modeling
A full featured evaluation version is available for 15 days. Click here to download the demo. Please contact us at  +1 (832) 295-1521 or   sales [at] BTechSoft [dot] com for more information.