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BTechSoft Engineering Software Consultants

  • pump pressure 
  • flow rate  
  • proppant concentration  
  • fracture height

A full featured evaluation version is available for 15 days. Click here to download the demo. Please contact us at  +1 (832) 295-1521 or   sales [at] BTechSoft [dot] com for more information.

Software for Fracturing Operations

Fracturing operations can be modeled in TubeFlow PIC by predicting the fracture geometry through a steady-state analysis. Both conventional and multi-stage fracturing operations are supported.

TubeFlow PIC provides the following features in the fracturing analysis :

  • fracture geometry (length, width, height) predictions  
  • multi-stage fracturing with port clusters  
  • heat transfer from/to the formation
  • effects of friction and fluid flow - perforation and restriction pressure loss
  • wellbore deviation - horizontal wells
  • comprehensive fluids configuration including non-Newtonian slurries

Design variables include: