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Wellbore Fluid Properties Estimation Software
As the name indicates, FluidProps is a utility for estimating the thermo-physical properties of a wellbore fluid at any given pressure and temperature. This utility allows you to calculate fluid properties such as density, viscosity, thermal conductivity, specific heat with ease and perform sensitivity analysis at various pressures and temperatures.

Improved Accuracy of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Calculations in Wellbores/Pipelines
As production moves to deeper depths, a precise evaluation of thermo-physical fluid properties is absolutely essential for accurate modeling of wellbore/pipeline hydraulics and heat transfer.  FluidProps provides accurate predictions of these fluid properties through comprehensive property estimation techniques for reservoir and wellbore fluids.

Fluid Properties
FluidProps offers a database of published physical constants for numerous pure components that are constituents of reservoir fluids.  In addition, fluid PVT properties can be estimated for pure components (nitrogen, air, methane, etc.), components mixtures by specifying mole fractions of each constituent, and common wellbore fluids (e.g. acid, brine, black oil) at various pressures and temperatures.  Fluid properties that can be estimated are:

    • gas-oil and gas-water surface tension 
    • bubblepoint pressure 
    • isothermal compressibility 
    • formation volume factor
    • dead-oil, saturated, under-saturated viscosity
  • density 
  • viscosity 
  • thermal conductivity 
  • specific heat
  • pseudo-critical pressure and temperature
  • vapor pressure
  • easy-to-use, quick calculations, sensitivity analysis 
  • English, SI, customizable units 
  • graphical capabilities include save and compare options 
  • reporting includes printing to MS Word and exporting data to MS Excel

Compositional Modeling with Cubic Equations of State
To offer more flexibility in calculating PVT properties of hydrocarbon mixtures, FluidProps uses four popular cubic equations of state:

  • van der Waals 
  • Redlich-Kwong 
  • Peng-Robinson 
  • Soave-Redlich-Kwong

Black Oil PVT Empirical Correlations
A wide variety of empirical correlations is provided to estimate black oil PVT properties so that an appropriate correlation specific to a particular region can be chosen for the calculations.


Wellbore Fluids
Common fluids such as fresh water, crude oil, and diesel are routinely pumped into the wellbore during workover and drilling operations.  In addition, reservoir fluids (e.g. black oil, dry gas) flow up the wellbore during production at various operating conditions.  FluidProps presently allows you to calculate fluid properties for the following wellbore fluids: 

  • fresh water, produced water, seawater, steam 
  • acid, single and multiple salt brine 
  • black oil, gas mixtures
  • diesel, kerosene, foam, emulsion
  • oil/water/gas PVT properties

A full featured evaluation version is available for 7 days. Click here to download the demo. Please contact us at  +1 (832) 295-1521 or  sales [at] BTechSoft [dot] com for more information.