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BTechSoft Engineering Software Consultants
TubeFlow FA for Flow Assurance 
Subsea Flowline-Riser Intervention Software Suite

The software suite for subsea flowline - riser intervention is used to address flow assurance problems in flowlines and risers. Applications that can be modeled using the subsea flowline-riser intervention software suite are included below:
  • models coiled tubing cleanout to remove blockages in the form of hydrates, wax, or paraffin from the flowline or riser 
  • aids in the selection and design of wash fluids
  • supports brines, gels, nitrified water, foams and other fluids used in flow assurance operations
  • models forward and reverse circulation with effects of choke pressure loss 
  • simulates production operations in subsea flowlines considering flow from a cluster of wells
  • includes coiled tubing reel effects for a variety of fluids
  • supports various commonly used fluids in coiled tubing and production operations - single and multiphase
  • includes effects of heat transfer to/from the sea
  • evaluates forces and stresses on the coiled tubing during flowline intervention  
  • determines buckling status of the coiled tubing in the flowline and identifies lock-up depth
  • estimates maximum set down weight and overpull while run-in-hole (RIH) or pull-out-of-hole (POOH)


  • performs a comprehensive engineering analysis to accurately assess pre-job design  
  • reduces job design time and cost
  • ensures pressure limits during a job are within safety standards  
  • optimizes a pump schedule for a coiled tubing job

A full featured evaluation version is available for 15 days. Click here to download the demo. Please contact us at  +1 (832) 295-1521 or   sales [at] BTechSoft [dot] com for more information.