BTechSoft (aka Bhavya Technologies) is an independent engineering software development company that provides innovative and top quality software solutions for mathematically complex engineering problems primarily in the petroleum industry. Our mission is to deliver software products that will aid in proper planning, cost–effective design, and efficient execution of jobs in a safe manner for various applications in the oil and gas industry. BTechSoft currently provides the following software solutions:

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TubeFlow PIC
Wellbore Intervention, Drilling, and Completions Software
TubeFlow PIC is a transient wellbore flow simulator that can be used to model well intervention operations with capillary string, coiled tubing, drill string, and wireline. The simulator is available for modeling solutions in the areas of Coiled Tubing, Injection, Production, and Sand Control. Applications that can be modeled include Coiled Tubing Wellbore Cleanout, Acidizing, Drilling, Fluid Displacement, Fracturing, Gravel Packing, Hydraulics, Pipe Fatigue, Production System Analysis, Torque and Drag, Tubing Movement, and Well Unloading. See Product  Description.

Wellbore Fluid Properties Estimation Software
FluidProps is a utility for estimating the thermo-physical properties of a wellbore fluid at any given pressure and temperature. This utility allows you to calculate fluid properties such as density, viscosity, thermal conductivity, specific heat with ease and perform sensitivity analysis at various pressures and temperatures. See Product Description.

Software for Gravel Packing Fluid Displacement Operations
GravelPackSim is a transient flow simulator that can be used to model gravel pack displacement operations in a laboratory environment and serves to aid in the proper design of experiments. This program allows you to calculate proppant bed heights and pump pressures for various calculation scenarios and options. See Product Description.

All our software products undergo continual development keeping abreast of research and technological advances in the field of petroleum engineering. In addition, our software development is driven by aligning customer feedback and requirements with relevant engineering practices. Furthermore, our software products are upgraded periodically with the latest development tools in order to provide software solutions that stay concurrent with advances in computer technology and work on most recent operating systems.

Apart from providing engineering software solutions, BTechSoft offers software training courses and  consulting services.


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